This is FinnFest USA

FinnFest USA, a nationally based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, organizes an annual festival to celebrate Finland, Finnish America and Finnish culture. It operates independently from any political or religious groups. The Board of Directors of FinnFest USA selects festival sites and provides direction. The national office is maintained by the President, and is currently located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Each annual festival is organized by a local site working under the supervision of the national board. Local Finnish American organizations and individuals work with the entire community in organizing the festival. Partnerships with local institutions include: the Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, arts organizations, colleges and universities, civic organizations. Festival events often join on-going summer community festivals and become part of local theatrical, music, art, literature, historical exhibitions, and lecture series.

The Festival is held over a 3-5 day period at a time determined by the host site usually during the summer. Festivals have been held at a variety of sites from parks to college campuses to conference centers.

Mission Statement

As a national keystone Finnish American organization, FinnFest USA is committed to creating a broader community of all Finnish Americans, Finnish citizens living in America, and other Americans. It does this through the creation of an annual festival as well as through other relevant opportunities for community building.